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Sanderling Access Statement


Access Statement in large print is available please request at 01556 630217

Please contact us with any questions we are happy to answer any questions


Sanderling is situated along a single track un made lane that has no tarmac. Coastal, countryside location. The lane to the cottage is on gentle gradient.


Two bedrooms one on the ground floor. Upstairs master bedroom. Upstairs bathroom.


Parking in front of the garage is concrete and flat with low level security lighting. Access from parking is gravel / stones and a gentle slope.



Wooden porch entrance is 40‘ wide and concrete flat surface with a step of 4‘ in to property through a 29” wide opening door on to oak floor with coir mat. Overhead light in porch.


Lounge has oak flooring throughout and a coir rug and door mat. Plug sockets are situated approx 8’ from floor throughout cottage however being an old property this can vary. Two ceiling lights and a standard light. Desk lamp at computer / writing desk.


Bedroom off lounge accessed via a 28” door with an 27” wide opening, small step 2” from oak flooring to grey carpet. Bedroom has recessed ceiling lights and two bedside lamps. Twin bed height approx 23”.


Kitchen from lounge has a 31” door way ( no door ) and a step of 7” from oak floor to oak floor.

Kitchen has recessed spot lights and two hanging lights over the dining table, oak floor throughout. Work top height 3ft high.


Back door is accessed along a gravel gated path. Gate 25” wide. Wall light next to entrance door. Door width 30” gravel stepping on to tiled floor. One wall light, step in to conservatory of 5” through a door width of 30” conservatory and porch tiled in pale colour ( biscuit / beige ) Conservatory has one wall light and lamp.


Porch in to kitchen accessed via a 29” door and 7” step. Tiles in porch to oak floor in kitchen.


Stairs from kitchen are carpeted in dark grey and have a 71/2 “ drop with a 8” wide tread. There are 13 steps and a wooden hand rail to your left as you go up the steps. Ceiling light on stairs which is movement activated.


Small top landing door to king size bedroom 301/2” wide. Dark grey carpet with one centre light and two bedside lamps and lamp at dressing table. Coombed ceiling with white walls and ceiling. King size bed 23” high.


Bathroom from small landing with 29” door opening carpeted landing to green ( dark ) slate floor. Roll top bath 25” to roll top. Toilet 17” to seat, sink 34” high. Walk in shower with small lip to get in, three sides glass with white tiles on two walls. Entrance to shower with sliding glass door 18” wide. Internal shower size 43” by 29”. Shower mat provided.


Laundry room outside with gravel path from back door two wall lights along path. Step along path 4”.


Garden has steep drops and steps down to lawn and up to deck area which has a concrete floor. Uneven ground and paths. Uneven steps and no handrail. Gravel paths.

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