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Loch View Access Statement


Access Statement in large print is available please request at 01556 630217

Please contact us with any questions we are happy to answer any questions


Loch View is situated on the outskirts of Colvend Village.


Two bedrooms both on the first floor. House bathroom off first landing. Shower room off main landing.


Parking on flat gravelled driveway. Wall lights at both entrance doors. Access from parking is gravel.


Kitchen side entrance has a 10cm  high step on to step which is 1.7mtrs x 1.49 mtrs. Green/Grey flags. French doors open to 1.14mtrs wide ( both doors open outwards ) Internal coir mat and cream stone travertine stone floor throughout kitchen/diner. External wall light.


Front door accessed from gravelled path and flag at entrance. 25cm step with a 4cm drop over threshold. External wall light. Door opens to 84cm wide inwards on to coir mat and cream travertine slate floor.


Kitchen area has ceiling recessed spot lights. Living area of kitchen has overhead centre light and lamps with large coir beige rug.


Walls throughout in a neutral cream/beige. Twin bedroom one wall painted in duck egg blue.


Lounge door opens 75cm wide. Lounge has oak flooring throughout. Plug sockets are situated approx 8’ from floor throughout cottage however being an old property this can vary. One ceiling light and two lamps.


Stairs are carpeted in brown wool carpet. Height of steps ( rise ) 17cm, width 76cm tread 25.5cm. Nine steps with brown wood handrail on right lead to first landing with house bathroom off. Seven further steps lead to first floor. Three steps are on a right hand turn depth of tread 10cm to 50cm on turn. Landing is 1mtr x 78cm. Handrail on landing in dark wood 85cm high. One centre light on stairs.


Twin bedroom door opens to 72cm brown carpet. Bedroom has wall light and two lamps. Bed height 60cm. Space at end of beds to wall 67cm. Coombed ceiling. Blackout blinds to front of property. Thermal lined blinds to rear of property.

King bedroom door opens to 72cm wide. Brown wool carpet. Coombed ceiling with beige/cream walls and ceiling. King size bed 60cm high. Wall light at headboard end of bed and two side table lamps.


Bathroom from first landing with 72cm wide opening door to green ( dark ) slate floor. Bath with shower over bath 52 cm high step in to bath. No handrail. Glass shower screen over bath. Shower mat provided. Toilet 43cm to seat.


Shower room on first floor door opens 72cm wide on to green slate floor. Hinged glass door opening to 42cm wide. Internal shower size 74 cm x 98cm. Shower mat provided no handrail.

Toilet 43cm to seat 



Garden has steep drops and steps up n to lawn, no handrail. Uneven ground and paths. Uneven steps. Paved and gravel paths.

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